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Joanna Padfield Honeysuckle in Red Linocut print
Butterflies and Tea Flowers in Pink Joanna Padfield_edited.jpg
Joanna Padfield Passion Fruit Linocut Print
Joanna Padfield

Joanna Padfield is a linocut artist and illustrator based in Norfolk, UK. Her illustrations have been used to design packaging, used in magazines and books as well as to illustrate the children's book, The See-Saw Tree. 


Joanna Padfield studied Art and Design at Norwich School of Art. She then went on to gain a BSc Hons in Architectural Design Technology and worked in Architecture.


As her path in design continued, she has developed her love of colour and graphics in printmaking. Drawn to their graphic quality, Joanna produces linocuts, both as limited edition prints and as illustrations. 


With a love of nature and the natural environment, her inspiration comes from her surroundings. Wildlife, the woods, fields, heathland, the sea, and the salt marshes all provide inspiration.

Every print is hand-pulled, and therefore proudly shows the various marks left from the rough surface of the Lino block, which furthermore gives each piece of artwork that unique handmade quality that only Lino prints have. 

Greetings Cards

Some of Joanna's work has now been made into fine art greetings cards by the publishing company Lanternfish Publishing.

Commissions -  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss.


Sanders and Christie Art Gallery - A selection of my work can be found for sale at 

Wychwood Art -A selection of my work can be found for sale at

Copyright: rights to the images remain with the artist. The purchase of an artwork does not confer the right or licence to use the image for commercial or any other purposes.

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